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Teksym is a technology company producing specialized test instrumentation (Crack Gauge/Cracklink) and technical newsletters (Batteries Digest and Fracture Digest.) Formed in 1970, the business is privately owned and operated. Products are dedicated to promoting safety in every aspect of design, development and utilization.

Mail inquiries obtain quotations and place orders at:

     Teksym Corporation                                                     Telephone: 763-479-6190                                  1261 Town Line Road                                                    e mail: [email protected]
     Maple Plain, MN          55359                                       Fax: facilities do not exist

Payment methods

Payment through PayPal is used. Customers using the e mail payment of PayPal will find that there is no cost in transferring funds for payments. Write for details of making such payments. Where a credit card is selected instead, the customer must pay  the additional cost of the credit card transaction as this is a customer choice in place of the Teksym-offered, no-cost PayPal e mail payment process.
Goals Teksym Corporation.

1. Spent no time - ever! - preparing a Mission Statement.- use the time to responsibly serve customers.
2. Provide valuable materials, services and information to customers.
3. Provide fair pricing to customers.
4. Create new designs of products and services which are safer, more reliable, less expensive, expand
     performance and provide higher accuracy.
5. Produce fair compenstion to shareholders and employees.

Constructive commentary regarding our markets and products will be welcomed. In those cases where information is suitable for republication, written consent allowing use by the author and or the organization owning rights to the materials is required. Free advertising, press releases, blogs, and unsubstantiated information is not accepted.  Where products are sent for evaulation, prior written consent by Teksym must be provided.

Copyright protection of Batteries Digest Newsletter, Fracture Digest Newsletter and the content of the Teksym.com website is herewith presented with all rights reserved.

                           Batteries Digest  Copyright 1997-2011 by Teksym Corporation
                           Fracture Digest   Copyright 2011 by Teksym Corporation
                           www.Teksym.com  Copyright 2011 by Teksym Corportation


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