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 Presently deemed cost-prohibitive, new design features associated with 42-Volt systems must offer benefits commensurate with the price level charged. The switch to 42-Volts requires significant changes to the electrical system of the car, but with all the risks involved, vehicle manufacturers are reluctant to lead this initiative, notes Peter Bowlus, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. They may have played a pivotal role in the development of the underlying technology, but the philosophy of most vehicle manufacturers remains to wait until real demand for these systems leads to greater economic viability. Though carmakers are likely to try to push 14-Volts as fast as they can (the use of technologies such as liquid-cooled alternators being just one example), the migration to 42-Volts will ultimately become unavoidable. (Frost & Sullivan, (10-02BD79-12)

The Electric Tran

 What to expect when the 42-Volt electrical system goes online

The year 2004 appears to be the starting time for 42 Volt systems, although BD readers already know of the market ready Toyota Crown mild hybrid in BD 70-13. An interesting comment is that the 42 Volt system is not needed for present day needs but for engine control such as valve timing to improve IC engine performance and further lower emissions. In order to use existing components such as 12 Volt lighting, the auto will be burdened with a 12/14 Volt system, thus adding components, cost and more things to go wrong. (Ed. note: The story has many fundamental technical errors, but the main points do give the flavor that 42 Volt proponents have little to offer beyond the fact that operating at higher Voltage cuts current allowing for smaller wire diameters and fewer connection problems. Additional costs of 42 Volt systems may open the door to niche market autos not needing the costlier higher technology.)(09-02BD78-12)

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July 1, 2002,

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