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Question: Is there a group to set standard test methods for alkaline type separators? (06-02BD75-15)


Q? Tell me more about Alkaline Battery Recycling. Recently a press release was issued stating that Alkaline battery recycling is beginning. How are the batteries being recycled and what is recovered?(06-02BD75-14)


Energizers second-quarter shows profit. Income was $20 million ($.21/sh), compared with $5.6 million ($.06/sh), a year ago. However, net sales fell to $339.7 million from $355 million a year ago. Cost cutting was implemented to stimulate sales.

Rayovac also reported a second-quarter rise. Net income rose to $5.8 million from $2.4 million a year ago. From one year ago, sales fell 10% to $121.2 million and operating income before special charges fell 8% to $12.9 million. Interest and other non-operating expenses more than offset this decline. Rayovac expects battery industry growth to improve with the overall economy later this year. (06-02 BD75-6)

Energizer Holding, Inc. reports fourth quarter decline in income. Earnings fell to $23.9 million ($.26/share) compared with $31.4 million ($.32/share) in the year-earlier period. Reasons given for the decline centered on the weak U.S. economy and global currency devaluations outside of the U.S. Rayovacs fourth-quarter proforma net income fell 31.5% to $.27/share compared with $.44/share a year earlier.

In a A.C. Neilson study, Energizer and Duracell batteries were listed in the 43 brands that have billion dollar global presence (in sales). (12-01 BD69-10)

Duracells new marketing strategy seems to be positive for Gillette. Since Gillettes new CEO, Jim Kilts, took the reigns at Gillette, the Company has increased marketing spending to rev up Duracell sales and has also shipped less to retailers to drive down the inventories. An enhanced strategic focus on the mainstream basic CopperTop, Copper and Black, battery has been implemented to revitalize Duracells performance; previously, the premium Ultra had been the focus of the marketing dollars. Duracell has also ceased production at a plant in India and may shutting down some manufacturing lines in the U.S. In the key U.S. market, Mr. Kilts said in a news release on February 22nd, We went from 21 months of share declines to eight months of share improvements, starting in June 2001.(04-02 BD73-4)

Rayovac Corp.s earnings are owered to hold by Prudential Securities because of its sales to K Mart. At an estimated 10 percent of its U.S. sales, Rayovacs exposure to Kmart is the highest in our coverage universe, analyst Constance Maneaty said in a research note. Research Alert, Prudential Securities, 01/16/02

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