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Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. has independent tests confirmed on their proprietary Li4Ti5O12 nanomaterials. Dr. K.M. Abraham tested the nanomaterials and found achievements in Lithium-ion charging and discharging rates to be 10 to 100 times higher when compared to materials commercially available today. The Li4Ti5O12-based lithium batteries have the ability to undergo charge/discharge cycles with little fade in capacity for thousands of cycles. Lithium Titanate Spinel is a specific crystalline phase of lithium titanate with a formula of Li4Ti5O12, which in Altairs process is nearly 100 % pure. (12-01 BD69-11)


Valence Technology, Inc. forms joint development agreement with Wistron Corporation. Wistron, a large global ODM/OEM supplier for the PC industry, and Valence will investigate opportunities for the use of Valencesphosphate batteries within Wistron products.(12-01 BD69-11-12)


Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.s nano-sized lithium titanate spinel is being evaluated by global battery developers. We look forward to the near-future development of prototype batteries utilizing our lithium titanate spinel, commented Altairs president Dr. William P. Long. Through material testing thus far, it has been determined that non-sized lithium titanate spinel exhibits charge and discharge rates that are 10 to 100 times higher than with traditional materials commercially available today. (05-02 BD74-8)


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