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Panasonic introduces AA-size Nickel-zinc battery for digital cameras. This is the first of its kind to be introduced in the U.S. consumer marketplace. This battery is designed to provide longer-lasting power than high-drain Alkaline batteries. In a series of real-life tests conducted for Matsushita Battery Industrial Company Ltd., the new Panasonic battery was pitted against the AA-size high drain Alkaline batteries most frequently used in digital cameras - Duracell M3 and Energizer E2. Using digital cameras from the top six manufacturers , shots with flash were taken every 30 seconds until battery power was exhausted. The number of shots taken when using the Nickel-zinc Panasonic battery, on average, surpassed those using the Duracell M3 by 27 percent and Energizer E2 by 47 percent. In these tests, the Panasonic battery enabled the consumer to gain an average of greater than 50 additional shots over Duracell M3 and Energizer E2.

Power needs for the digital camera market are escalating. Sales of digital still cameras are estimated to reach 8,274,000 units in 2002, an increase of 29 percent over last year.(04-02 BD73-7)


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