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Q: What are the chraracteristics of Nickel-based batteries, its dominance and the future?(06-02BD75-12-13)

AAB will build largest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) based on Nickel-cadmium batteries. AAB won the $30 million order from Golden Valley Electric Association in Fairbanks, Alaska. The energy storage system includes massive Nickel-cadmium batteries, power conversion modules, metering protection, control devices and service equipment. BESS will provide continuous Voltage support during normal operation, as well as energy backup. Spinning reserve will also provide momentary corrections during system disturbances to minimize customer interruption. Saft AB will supply a high performance Nickel-cadmium battery made up of 13,760 energy cells in four strings. The first two battery strings are scheduled for commercial operation during the summer of 2003. (12-01 BD69-12)

 The Ebus shuttle established an all electric range record. The shuttle in Carpinteria, CA, which operates 29 days per month and logs approximately 80 revenue miles per day, achieved 24,000 all- electric miles without the use of battery swapping in one year. The all electric shuttle from Ebus, Inc., features a 288 Volt, 280 A/hr pack of Nickel-cadmium batteries. +

European Commission proposes placing Nickel-cadmium batteries on the exemption list of the End of Life Vehicles Directive 2000/53/EC. Currently, this Directive restricts the use of mercury, cadmium and lead in certain types of vehicles from July 2003. In addition, the Commission has requested that a second revision analysis should take place before December 2004. The proposal is seen as a positive result by CollectNiCad as it reflects industrys arguments that Nickel-cadmium batteries are an essential part of the development of the Electric Vehicle market in Europe. More information is available by email:
([email protected])(04-02 BD73-7)

Multiplier Industries Corp. adds Nickel-cadmium batteries for Ericsson/GE MRK & LPE series radios. These additional batteries are rated at 7.5 Volts with capacities of 1,100 mAh, 1,600mAh and 1,700 mAh capacity. (Jan, 2002, BD70-9)