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November 30, 2011,  Chevy Volt Fires: The details of three recorded Chevy Volt fires provides understanding of the mishaps. One was in a garage with no cause determined. The second, again in a garage with no cause determined and the third, weeks after crash testing, possibly due to coolant system leaks. The fires have the attention of GM, builder of the Volt.

Brian Fuller in Design News: "Chevy Volt Battery Fires Arouse Investigations"         

April 4, 2011,  The cause of the crash of  a UPS cargo 747 at the Dubai International Airport on September 3, 2010 was preliminarily updated. It states that the onboad fire could be caused by "many" onboard shipments of  Lithium batteries ( not specifically identified as Lithium-ion.) The two pilots, Captain Doug Lampe of Louisville, Kentucky, 48, and First Officer Mathew Bell of Stanford, Florida, 38. were killed in the crash.

Josie Garthwaite in Gigaom:  " Lithium Ion Batteries Faulted for Jet Crash," http://gigaom.com/cleantech/lithium-ion-batteries-faulted-for-jet-crash/

Meanwhile, Islamic claim of responsibility for the crash was reported by:


April; 3, 2011, Andy Pasztor at the the Wall Street Journal noted that three days after the Dubai crash report, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill which included a provision for blocking tougher rules on transporting lithium batteries by air.


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