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What is constantan? A metal foil alloy consisting of about 55% copper and 45% nickel.  When prepared in very thin foils it is the preferred material for the construction of insulated strain and fracture crack gauges,
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What is unique about constantan? It is a  VERY THIN FOIL, only one or two ten-thousandths of an inch thick or somewhere around 20 to 50 times thinner than the thickness of a human hair. Viewed another way the thickness is less than the diameter of a red blood cell. Because it is so thin, it can be added to an object to experience the objects characteristics such as strain or fracture without requiring additional energy. The thin foil's total resistance is a function of that thickness, which contributes to a significant resistance change when stressed or geometrically modified. When used for strain gauges, it can be glued to a specimen without altering the specimen's physical properties and provide an electrical analog of the specimen strain with the change in constantan resistance. (See information on Valdemar Arntzen whose strain gages were used to measure deformations in structural members of notable bridges, and in the construction of Boulder Dam in the 1930's.)

Constantan has excellent electrical conductivity and a very low temperature coefficient. Our crack gauges are constructed with this constantan foil.
Who would want to buy it? large quantities can be obtained from manufacturers, but the pricing is adjusted so that lots smaller than thousands of feet in length are much more expensive.

Our constantan is available in small quantities from one to 1000 feet long (four inch wide.) Small lengths fro manufacturers are unavailable or would be extremely high priced. For our crack gauge manufacture, our only source is the suppliers of these long lengths. These minimum quantity rolls are still beyond our production needs, so we sell small lengths both to ammortize our expense and to provide a service of offering small lengths at reasonable prices with short delivery.

Constantan, bonded to prepreg in 4 inch by 16 inch strips is also available. Again this is part of the crack gauge process, and for the experimental or specialty user, adding this step again provides a cost and time advantage.
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What would the foil and bonded strip be used for?
      Sensing. . . strain gauges. . . load cells. . . extensometers. . . air flow. . . liquid flow
      Instrumentation. . . transducers. . . elastic properties testing
      Resistance geometry. . .insulated shape followers. . .
      Very low energy tear following. . . crack gauges
      Medical investigations. . .bone structure evaluation. . . tissue dynamics. . .
Fabricaton of specialty strain gauges. . . mechanics studies. . . test equipment. . . unique structures
      Reflectivity studies. . .mixing of solar, thermal and electrical dynamics
      Low mass electrical circuitry. . . for mechanism evauation
      Robotics. . . feedback sensors. . .hidden conductors. . .
      Thermal studies. . . combining electrical and thermal conductivity
      Electrical components. . . requiring very low temperature coefficients of resistivity
      Special research experiments. . . medical. . . mechanical. . . electronic. . . structures. . .
      Applications which we have never thought of. . .  i pod antennas. . .  perpetual motion machines, etc., ect.
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