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Krak Gage
Fracture test specimen instrumented with a crack gauge

Crack Gauges are constantan foil patterns bonded to prepreg base.

This gauge is bonded to a material specimen in the region of crack propogation.

As the speciment crack propogates, an equal crack forms in the foil.

The resulting change in path resistance has a direct linear, calibarted, and continuous relationship to the crack path.

The gauge change in resistance is measured and converted into a voltage proportional to the crack length.

The crack Voltage can be scaled so that the display is directly in mm of crack length

Gauges are available in lengths from 5 mm to 200 mm.

Multiple gauges can be placed at various parts of the specimen.

Instrumentation and Gauges are ordered from Hartrun Corpotation

Fractomat Photo
Two channels of crack gauge can be displayed on the Fractomat

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