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May 2003


See a .pdf version of the BCI meeting Notice and sign-up by clicking here

See a .pdf version of the BCI meeting schedule by clicking here

115th Convention

May 18-21, 2003

Moon Palace Resort

Cancun, Mexico

Tel: 1.312.644.6610
Fax: 1.312.321.6869

 Keith Wandell, President, Automotive System Group, Battery, of Johnson Controls, Inc. became the 39th President of the Battery Council International (BCI) during the associations 114th Convention held in Orlando, Florida in April. Other board members are: V.P. - Randy Hart , President, Superior Battery Mfg. Co. ; Secretary - John O. Wirtz, President, Wirtz Manufacturing; Treasurer - Wade H. Roberts, Jr., President C&D Technologies; and Executive V.P. -Maurice Desmarais, Battery Council International.

JUNE 2003

SOLAR 2003
Tel: 1-303-443-3130
E Mail: [email protected]




Power 2003

Sept. 29-October 2, 2002

The Century Plaza Resort and Spa

Los Angeles, CA


Click here to download Acrobat file of the agenda for Power 2002

Markets for Electronic Devices


Independent Battery

Manufacturers' Association


September 30- October 2, 2002

Chicago, IL


Fax: 1-727-586-1400

IBMA Sched

October 2003

EESAT 2003


The EESAT 2003 (Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies)
Conference will again take place in San Francisco, California, from
October 27-29, 2003.

International technical and commercial experts will meet at the Sir
Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco to emphasize the latest evelopments
on the use of electricity storage in the power industry. Electricity
storage technologies are increasing in their scope and performance and
bringing commercial and technical benefits to the power industry.

As in the past, the EESAT Committee is expecting attendees from around the
world, making this an exciting and up-to-the-minute event. More than 150
individuals attended EESAT 2002 and, judging by the responses of the
attendees, EESAT 2003 promises to be even greater.

The Fourth Conference on Electrical Energy Storage Applications and
Technologies, sponsored by the US Department of Energy, Sandia National
Laboratories, and the Electricity Storage Association, is intended for the
dissemination of papers on specific electrical energy storage technologies
and applications, with an emphasis on the latest commercial developments
for the use of electricity storage in the power industry.

EESAT 2003 will address the full range of electrical energy technologies,
including conventional and advanced battery energy storage, super
capacitors, SMES, flywheels, CAES and pumped hydro. Both technical and
economic papers from international sources will be presented.

The EESAT Committee urges all interested individuals to consider
submitting a paper for presentation at the conference.

Final papers for presentation will be chosen by the Committee from all
Abstracts submitted by the deadline.

Abstracts must be submitted no later than May 30, 2003.

Questions? Contact:
Dr. Imre Gyuk ([email protected])
Dr. Philip Symons ([email protected])
Nancy Clark at 505-845-8056 ([email protected])
[email protected]

Please visit the EESAT 2003 web site often for further details as they
become available (

Note from the Electricity Storage Association:
The ESA will be holding it's annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, on May
21-22, 2003. There are a few time slots still open, so if you or someone
else in your organization would like to make a presentation at the ESA
meeting, please contact Bill Hassenzahl at
W.H[email protected] as soon as you can. For further
details on the ESA 2003 Annual Meeting or to learn more about electricity
storage and the activities of our organization, please visit


Electric Vehicle Symposium


November 15-19, 2003

Long Beach, CA

Click here to visit their website

Call for Papers

Abstracts must be received by Friday, February 7, 2003 to be eligible

see website for detals

 The Electric Tran


BCI Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Conference

Annapolis, MD

Tel: 1-312-664-6610


Email: [email protected]


Agenda, in .pdf format

Registration, in .pdf format


NASA Aerospace Battery Workshop

Huntsville Hilton

Huntsville, AL

Tel: 1-256-544-3345

 Now available is the full CD with the presentations of the 2001 NASA Aerospace Battery Workshop, the annual event hosted by the Marshall Space Flight Center. The workshop is sponsored by the NASA Aerospace Flight Battery Systems Program, which is managed out of NASA Glenn Research Center and receives support in the form of overall objectives, guidelines, and funding from Code R, NASA Headquarters.

The 2001 Workshop was held on three consecutive days and was divided into five sessions, some of which carried over from one day to the next. The first session was a General Session. The second session was a Nickel-Hydrogen Session. The third and fifth sessions covered the Lithium-ion technology. The fourth session was a focused session on Lithium-ion Charge Control.

An overview of the Workshop appeared in BDs January Issue (BD 70, pp. 3-4) with a summary of the presentations.

Jeff Brewer, the Compiler of the CD and also the person who implements the Workshop, informs BD that a limited supply of the CDs are available. To request one, E Mail Jeff at [email protected]. There is no


Consumer Electronics Show

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