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Broad Spectrum(09-02BD78-3-6)


All-Hydrogen Transportation Eyed by Iceland

The government of Iceland is backing a consortium named New Energy Ltd; which includes DaimlerChrysler, Norsk Hydro, Shell Hydrogen and VistOrka. This consortium seeks to transform Iceland into a hydrogen-based economy by taking advantage of the countrys 200 teraWatt hours (tWh) of geothermal energy and the 30 TWh of hydroelectric potential.(07-02BD76-12)


Logistics Fuel Processor

Air Force requirements for overseas bases for 1,100 Airmen requires 4-750 kW diesel generators and 4,000 gallons of fuel per day. To reduce the mass, a fuel processor has been prototyped which will generate hydrogen from jet fuel to power a fuel cell. The total system is anticipated to reduce the deployment airlift requirements by 16% while reducing emissions, noise levels and the infrared signature. Power generation sustainment costs are anticipated to go down by 50%. The processor uses steam reforming with micro channel technology.(07-02BD76-12)

AFRL Technology Horizons
June 2002, p.31


Quantums TriShield10TM receives German TUV regulatory approval for its 10,000 -psi (700) hydrogen storage cylinder. The higher pressure means that the operating time of a fuel cell is increased by 118 percent compared to that with a standard 3,600-psi tank. (See BD issue 69-1 for more detailed information.)(04-02 BD73-6)

Hydrogen 10k(12-01 BD69-2-3)


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