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Chinese Indium has reached the bottom at US$50-60/kg. Several smelters have reduced production to meet weak demand. Luizhou China Tin Group states that prices have fallen another US $5-10/kg during June and are basically below manufacturing costs. Luizhou is projected to produce 10 mt in 2002; Zhuzhou Smelter plans to reduce it annual output by one-third to reach a level of 30-35 mg in 2002. The full capacity of the smelter is 50 mt/yr.1(09-02BD78-10-11)


Broad Spectrum(09-02BD78-3-6)


Timcal Graphite sets up new natural graphite processing plant in Canada. Scheduled for completion at the end of 2002, the $10 million investment in the Montreal area will provide commercial quantities of products for the North American market. (08-02BD77-10)


Koreas two zinc refinery producers are expected to produce 631,000 metric tons of zinc in 2002, compared to 503,535 mt in 2001.(07-02BD76-12)

Indium growth is predicted to rise 10-15% in 2002.
May 1, 2002


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