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Photovoltaics Being Developed As a Clean Energy Source. A Group at Colroado State University is developing ways to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing photovoltaic cells. A new machine produces three inch square solar cells at the rate of one cell every two minutes, a 100 fold increase in the speed over currrent technologies.(08-02BD77-13)

May 2002


Astropower to acquire Atersa and supply cells for 13 MW PV plant

Atersa has a 50% stake in AstraSolar supplying APex solar cells to a solar electric power plant which will generate up to 4% of the total peak load of the Spanish Murcia region. A consortium including Atersa will use incentives of the Spanish Government in the project .(02-02 BD71-14)


BP announces plans to increase its Spanish PV production fivefold

BP will purchase the Agere Systems semiconductor plant in Madrid which will produce 60 MW of high-efficiency crystalline silicon Saturn solar cells per year. BP plans to invest $100 million in the project.(02-02 BD71-14)


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