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Batterie/Zinc- carbon 060505
 (Dec. 2003) Consumers Association of Singapore finds too much mercury in a third of non-Alkaline batteries.  The sampling used consisted of 41 batteries of which 30 were Zinc-carbon and the remainder, Alkaline.  The Alkaline batteries passed the test.  Most of the failures tested were made in China although Ponwersonic AAA batteries were found to have 0.021 percent of mercury, 20 times the safety level.  (For more information, see “Too much mercury in a third of non-alkaline batteries” by Crystal Chen, The Straits Times, Asia, 11/29/03)
(December 2003) It All Started With A Battery
(June 2003) Eveready Industries Ltd. of India expands globally with new markets where carbon-zinc batteries are desired. Because carbon-zinc has provided a good value for the money in India for operating 95% of the equipment,    Eveready is looking toward  Africa and India where there are similar markets to those in India.

Eveready is owned by BM Khaitan who bought the Eveready dry cell  business from Union Carbide in the 1980s. In 2003-2003, Eveready sold 1.2 billion battery units.