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Batteries Digest Newsletter, ISSN # 1086-9727 and Batteries Digest Website
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Teksym Corporation,
1261 Town Line Road
Maple Plain, MN 55359
Tel: 763-479-6190

The purpose of Batteries Digest is to expand insights into batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics to promote good health, clean environment, honest business practices and economic stability. No reprinting, reuse, copying, publishing or other reproduction other than making a single hard copy for personal use of any material contained herein is permitted. Where material indicates use by permission of, or otherwise explicitly or implicitly denotes that copyright is held by others, no permission to use that material can be granted by other than the copyright holder.

In the creation of this material, it is inevitable that errors will occur, but are never done intentionally. The policy of Batteries Digest, when alerted to errors with validated sources, is to publish corrections to the material. Corrections are limited to factual, documented materials and do not apply to opinions.

The intention of this publication is to present factual news, but unfortunatly it is done by humans with shortcomings which include the interpretations with bias, often referred to as editorialization. Where editorialization is intended, it is identified as such.

Access to the website is at no charge to the visitor. The privilege for this free information is paid for by the advertising banners which appear.

Constructive information regarding the publication and verifiable newsworthy items are welcomed by the staff.