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When you place banner advertising with Batteries Digest you get three placements

1. Advertisement in the Monthly Newsletter.
(1/8 page copy of ad.) Only one banner will ber placed per page.
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2. Website Banner Ad at the top of a selected page, with hyperlink to your site. Only one banner will ba placed per page

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3. Ad and copy on Web Suppliers Page, with
hyperlink to your site.
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One ad placement for 12 consecutive months.
Placement on the Home Page or one of the four Topics Pages of the Website
Located either in the Top Ad space as a graphic ad with hyperlink to advertiser's site
Advertisement in the Suppliers Section of the Website. Hyperlinks to advertiser's site
1/8 page Ad cut (Either graphic or copy) in the monthly Newsletter. One page per ad. Earliest ads placed first.

New accounts require payment prior to placement.
Banner Advertising Art Construction

A banner ad is about 450 by 60 pixels and has combinations of art, photo and copy. Creativity allows much variance in this design, so the following is shown only as an example. An example is shown here:
Ad copy is provided by the advertiser and placed in the Website by Batteries Digest (BD).
Only one banner ad is placed on any page.
Banner Ads are usually placed only on the following Five Website pages.
1. Home Page, 2. Batteries Topics Page, 3. Fuel Cell Topics Page,
4. Photovoltaics Topics Page, 5. Miscellaneous Topics Page
Other pages  can be made available
Site Locations are tailored to Supplier Offerings.
Ads are located on the Home page and at all four Topic Selector pages. This allows advertisers to direct advertising to the interests of the viewer. For example, a Lead-acid manufacturer may want to be on the Battery Topics Page, or a Photovoltaic product supplier would prefer to be on the Photovoltaic Topic page. Suppliers who want more general readership attention would select placement on the Home Page.
Placement Priority
Placement location of advertising in the Newlsetter is based on the earliest subscription date. For example if Newsletter advertising is placed on pages 2-7, the new advertiser will have placement on page 8. If a new ad is placed for a sponsored link, that ad will pe placed in the right column of the Topic page requested below all earlier placements. When a higher placed advertiser does not renew, all following advertisements will move up one place. Advertisers who have the top Sponsored link position will receive the first opportunity to obtain the Top Spot Ad location on that page if the previous Top Spot advertiser does not renew.
When you place Sponored Link advertising with Batteries Digest you get three placement
1. Five lines of copy on the right side of the page, next to copy.

This Sponsored link
Space is available
For details contact BD at
(Nominal 20 characters per line)
 Hyperlinked to advertiser's site.
2. Placement of link in the Newsletter
Placed in outside column away from gutter.
3. Placement in the Suppliers Section, by category.
Category  Example: Battery Manufacturer/ Lead-acid
How many Visit?
This site was introduced in March of 2002.  Since that time, the number of visitors has grown as shown below.
     Month                                   Site Visits (not hits! real visits!)                   Page Views
March 2002                                      0                                                                              0
June 2002                                        852                                                                        5,058
August 2002                                 1,146                                                                        7,926
September 2002                         1,366                                                                        8,398
March 2003                                  2,200                                                                      10,000
November 2003                           5,042                                                                     29,169
December                                    4,886                                                                      27,265

Don't you wish your magazine advertising could offer such active participation?   
Unlike magazine advertising which is delivered to the passive recipient, each visitor to BD's website has made an active effort to get to get to the site. Additional effort is put forth by the visitor as he/she clicks on pages after the Topics Page, As the visitor clicks through the various Topic Pages, the ads, having prominent placement on the pages, are seen by people who have an active interest in the subject.
Who Visits
Top Management, CEO's, Presidents, General Managers, Venture Capitalists,
Research Analysts, Marketing people, Technical People, General Public
Advertising Image:
The image of the website is businesslike, respecting the intelligence of the visitor who is seriously looking for battery, fuel cell, photovoltaic information and applications. Quality treatment of the visitor is intended to maximize the visit and promote return visits. The advertising format, both in size and shape, provides each visitor with maximum quality awareness of the business and product and/or service, thus enhancing the image of the advertiser. Easy access to the advertiser's website is made by clicking on the artwork. It is strongly suggested that the artwork include some directive, i.e, "Click here for more information," so the visitor can easily be transferred to the advertiser's website by clicking on the Ad.
Who Should Advertise with BD?
The construction of the content is focused toward the interests of the business professional. This emphasis generally attracts upper management people from the President, CEO and General Manager categories. These people are in the battery, fuel cell, and photovoltaics businesses, but are also in related businesses which are affected by the topic materials, such as the electronics business, battery oprated product businesses, portable electronic device businesses, the automotive businesses, related government agencies, regulatory people and venture capitalists. Advertisers can take advantage of the presence in BD with these high level professionals.
The readership has been much stronger since both the web content and Newsletter are offered at no cost and involve no complex procedures to obtain the issues or access. Readers are reminded that the Newsletter and Website are made possible by advertisers. Therefore, organizations which want to have a positive presence with the professional readers and visitors of BD can enhance their image to this audience with advertising presence.
BD is prepared with a sound business, liteary and scientific background, with major attempts to limit journalistic editorializing. This reporting of news rather than the massaging of news gives readers a accurate basis upon which to build true knowledge of fields reported. BD advertisers support such independent news reporting as an extension of the honest principles which they consider important. BD does not support the positions of special interest groups, businesses which allow unsafe practices or legal organizations which threaten lawsuits to stifle information and safety. Organizations which support such a position should advertise in BD.
Who should NOT advertise with BD
Freeloaders, Knockoff Suppliers, Terrorists, Bankruptcy specialists, Child molesters, Suppliers without live customer service.
Join us
Businesses are increasingly finding that their image is dependent on the company they keep. BD offers organizations which advertise with us the opportunity to promote honest business practices which will try to benefit all people. The combination of news, unfettered by business or political connections combined with advertising from organizations which do not promote questionable business practices, provide strong reasons for people to visit BD's website and provide hope for improving business methods. When an organization advertisies in BD, it becomes a part of the presence for the businesses of batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics. It is a statement of support for free press and open communications which are the first line of defense against unsafe practices and illegal business operations. Whether to get new understanding of  products, reinforce the image, or to increase sales, this site and the visitors who visit at no cost are interested in advertising content.
These advertisements are the primary revenue source for Batteries Digest, so BD needs you, too.
Contact us  for pricing and palcement specifics at:
Batteries Digest,  1261 Town Line Road,  Maple Plain, MN 55359,  Tel: 763-479-6190,  E Mail: [email protected]                      *
BD Web Banners Put Battery Surfers only one click away from you
Adobe Photoshop ImageFriends, it is a new world where Internet communications and connectivity facilitate every information transfer. People who visit the site have a definite interest in batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics. To make communications more meaningful for these visitors, subject areas are easily selectable. If your product is in battery charging, think of the interconnectivity you can provide if your ad resides on the Batteries Topic Selector Page. It is always professionally displayed with no obnoxious pop ups, distractors or irrelevant objects we have all learned to dislike in many sites. As an example The BD Home Page Top Ad offers all visitors the opportunity to jump to Indiumís site where information on metal supply, compounds, services and whatís new at Indium is presented. Each advertiser also gets placement of materials in the Web Supplier Page and a 1/8 page ad cut in the monthly Newsletter. Can you afford not to have that presence? Starting is easy; just call us at 1-763-479-6190.
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