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(June, 02) Question: Is there a group to set standard test methods for alkaline type separators?

Answer: Recently, ASTM agreed to support a task group to develop a group of consensus test methods. Committee D09 on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials under subcommittee 9.19 Solid Insulations, Non-Metallic Shielding & Coverings for Electrical & Telecommunication Wires and Cables agreed to setup the task group to work on this subject. The new task group formed was D09.19.02 Alkaline Battery Separator/Materials with George Zguris [ [email protected]], of Hollingsworth and Vose Company and Gary Thrasher [ [email protected] ], of Eveready Battery Company as co-chairpersons. This new task group will likely meet in Norfolk, VA on Wednesday, October 16, from 8-9 AM to start up the task groupís work. This meeting will be part of the ASTM Committee week in Norfolk. Additional details can be obtained by going to ASTMís web site, All readers that have an interest, please contact either co-chairs, or Martin Fox, the Sub-Chairman [[email protected]], or ASTM D09 Staff Manager, Pat Picariello [[email protected]] (610) 832-9720.