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Q: What has happened with the ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) Alkaline Test Method Task Group?

A: The task group ASTM D.09.18.02 met recently at the ASTM  committee week in Kansas City on March 19th. The task group discussed three draft methods. The meeting resulted in two of the methods being sent to the subcommittee (D.09.18) for initial balloting. The two methods are:

 1.) Standard test method for the determination of ammonia trapping in grafted battery separators.

2.) Standard test method for determining the electrical resistance of Alkaline battery separator using a Palico measuring system.

At the present task group level, anyone is free to input corrections and suggestions. Added information can be obtained by visiting the ASTM website, www.ASTM.org. The staff manager for committee D.09 on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials is Christine Sierk, whose email is  [email protected], telephone number is:610-832-9728.