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Batteries/Bipolar 070329
 (March 2007) Atraverda receives 2007 Frost & Sullivan  Award for Technology Innovation.  The award was given for  the company’s introduction of bipolar substrate technology to the Lead-acid battery chemistry.   The bipolar solution has the EbonexR Technology which uses a ceramic that is a titanium suboxide material, which has a unique combination of metallic and ceramic substrate characteristics.  The EbonexR material used in batteries offers conductivity of a metal along with strong resistance to oxidation and acid corrosion.  Atraverda is initially concentrating on motive and stationary power markets to apply its new technology.   
Microsoft Excel Chart
Information for the chart is from “World Stationary Sealed Lead-acid (SLA) Battery Markets by Frost and Sullivan. +
  “The cross section of the  bipolar Lead-acid battery includes the electrodes, which are bipolar, and electrolyte in an absorbed glass mat (AGM) form housed in a container   with monopole electrodes at each end of the stack,”  notes  Suba Swaminathan, Frost & Sullivan research analyst. “The current flow in the battery is provided by endplates (monopoles) and the flow is complete when it flows orthogonally through each intermediate bipole plate in uniform fashion.”