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Batteries/Silver-zinc Page 051013
 A 50AH, 11 cell, Common Pressure Vessel (CPV), Nickel-hydrogen  battery will provide the main power for the Mars Reconnaisaance Orbiter (MRO)  which was launched aboard an Atlas V launch vehicle on August 12th, 2006.  The MRO satellite batteries will supply electrical power for the mission during the dark or sunless periods as MRO travels “behind” Mars during each orbit and the spacecraft’s solar panels are not exposed to sunlight.  

NASA’s MRO is on its 288 million mile trip and will arrive at Mars on March 10, 2006. At that time, it will be placed in low orbit around the planet.  Scientists hope to gain information about the surface, atmosphere and subsurface of Mars in anticipation of future landing missions.  

 A 1500 AH, 28 Volt, Silver-zinc battery provided the main power for the Atlas V launch vehicle.

The Defense and Space Power Division of EaglePicher Technologies, LLC. provided  both of these batteries.

(Photo is courtesy of NASA.) +