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 Q: Can small quantity facilities find approved containers for returning batteries to recyclers? (09-02BD78-12)
A: I have had many inquiries on how small quantity facilities that generate batteries can recycle their batteries without buying certified containers, buying labeling, arranging transportation and handling fees, not to mention recycling fees.  Usually such a facility generates 25-40 pounds a month; the mixtures are commonly used consumer batteries  but the facility has nothing to do with them.  It is from many inquiries such as these that Toxco developed ‘The Box’. I would like to introduce a one-of-a-kind turn-key battery and e-waste recycling program. Toxco is offering a Recycling Box for anyone generating battery or electronic waste. The Box offers prepaid recycling and transportation for up to 43 pounds of any size or type of battery or portable electronic equipment.  The ease of the project is due to the use of the newly adopted Universal Waste rules for common household wastes including batteries.  It also is based on very new recycling technologies for several common battery types. Included in the package is a pre-labeled, United Nations Approved, collection container (very decorative if I might add) which, when full, is sealed and shipped to Toxco.  The Box is the first solution to recycling alkaline, lithium, mercury, lead, silver, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and other batteries.  The program is valid for any size or type, rechargeable or primary battery and can be tailored to any recycling need.  The box also offers recycling of cell phones, laptops, PDAs, and other forms of e-waste. (Again, this is the first of its kind offered to consumers.)
On a different note, a man smashes through a toll road toll booth doing 90+ miles per hour.  After stopping the car, he looks back and surveys that the booth and the gate are completely destroyed and smashed into a thousand pieces.  Doing the right thing, the driver calls 911 and they respond with a toll road crew to fix the damage.  Upon arriving, the crew sprays a strange light-bluish paste all over the pieces, and within 5 minutes, the toll booth and gate were as if they had never been smashed.  The astonished driver said he had never seen anything like it and asked what the miracle mixture was that could restore the damage completely.  The crew replied “Toll Gate Booth Paste”.....