Photovoltaics/Crystalline Mono 040517

Photovoltaics/Crystalline Mono
 (April 2004) National Renewable Energy Laboratory verifies 21.5 percent efficiency in SunPower Corp.ís silicon solar cell. SunPower states that the 125-mm, single-crystal A300 cell generates three Watts of electricity, providing the most efficient cost-per-Watt solution in the  PV industry.  The A-300 cell incorporates all electrical contacts on the back surface, and because of this architecture, the design  allows for significantly higherconversion efficiency of light to electricity.  Production quantities, which will be made in the Philippines,  are scheduled to be available later in 2004  
First Commercial Satellite to Use Triple Junction Photovoltaics. (02-01-01, BD70-2)
NASA?ESA Collaborate for New Telescope Photovoltaic Power (04-02 BD73-pp.2-4