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(July 2004) An unexpected discovery could yield a full spectrum solar cell
 (March 2004) Konarka Technologies in Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.A., develops prototypes of its photovoltaic cells that have achieved more than seven percent efficiency. Howard Berke, Chairman, Konarka Technologies, Inc., said, “Konarka is focused on the development and commercialization of cells that are lightweight, flexible and more versatile than previous generations of products.  Konarka’s chemistry-based cells represent a new breed of coatable, plastic flexible photovoltaics that can be used in many applications where traditional photovoltaics can’t complete.  We have now built functioning, full-size production cells that have achieved close to eight percent efficiency and we expect to exceed 10 percent in the coming months.”

Konarka says it will be the first company to manufacture and commercialize highly efficient, flexible photovoltaics.  The company will have pilot-scale production later this year and begin scaling-up production capacity in 2005.
Photovoltaics’ Efficiency Shines