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(March 2004) EVS 20 Presents Eclectic Battery And Ultracap  Roles
(July, 2003) Universal Electric Vehicle Builds Sporty Prototype for  EV Niche Market Universal Electric Vehicle Corp, a new electric vehicle company,  of Thousand Oaks, California has recently begun showing its luxurious Electrum Spyder, a sporty electric vehicle.
The Internal Revenue Service approves Honda’s two gas-electric hybrid vehicles for $2,000 tax credit. The IRS said that buyers of Honda’s Insight for model years 2001, 2002 and 2003 are eligible for the onetime deduction and buyers of the 2003 Civic Hybrid are also eligible for the credit. The Toyota Prius also receives the credit.(10-02BD79-11)
Three EV manufacturers look at new dimensions to sell their electric vehicles.

ZipBikes, a corporate partner with ZipCar Washington, Inc., the car sharing company, has begun an e-bike sharing program. The program allows two users to share a lightweight, folding e-bike when traveling from home to a Metro subway stop and from the same stop to work or school. The developers of this program feel that main advantage is the utilization of Lee Iacocca’s folding Mini-E-bike with a five-pound removable Lithium battery, which is issued for each person to carry with them. The companies feel the key feature allows ZipBikes to avoid problems of downtime due to recharging and costly electric bike lockers, and places the responsibility of recharging with each member.

Tonino Lamborghini now has plush Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) models. The two models are powered by a 48-Volt motors rated at just under 6 hp. Curtis built a custom 400-Amp controller that harnessed the power of six 8-Volt Trojan 875 deep cycle batteries. Michael Jun, the president of Florida-based Leewood Incorporated, is the sole distributor for these luxury cars. The ‘golf cars’ with a fiberglass and treated aluminum body sell for $11,650 (with the bench seats) and $13,090 (with leatherette bucket seats).

ZENN adds a new dimension to the NEV market. Feel Good Cars of Toronto is using a French Microcar platform for the ZENN (Zero Emissions, No Noise) and is outfitting it with a Lead-acid battery-powered 48-Volt electric drive that is still in the refinement stage. Unlike many other NEVs, however, the ZENN is fully enclosed, with an interior design that matches up with higher-level-city-class EVs. The Zenn is expected to sell for between US $10,000 and US $13,000. “EV Marketplace,” Keeping Pace with the ALABC, Vol.6, No. 3, 03/02 (06-02BD75-7)

“...The City electric car produces the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as an SUV. Recharging the City car... requires 22 kWh which produces more carbon emissions than a 13 mpg SUV. If the electricity is generated by natural gas, carbon emissions are equivalent to a 25 mpg SUV.”
Popular Science
January 2002, p. 7

eMotion Imports a Smart Idea - Smart goes to Atlanta
‘Smart’ electric powered cars developed by DaimlirChrysler were created to reduce congestion and pollution in Europe. Although not getting the market share anticipated, 40 train stations in Switzerland successfully offer them. eMotion Mobility will import the gliders of the Smart cars and add the power trains to provide 2,500 electric vehicles to the Atlanta Metropolitan Transportation System to offer an alternative to taxis and busses for travelers.

April 15, 2002