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By Any Other Name
Using the current Iranian way to cover up a problem, Author Abelson reports from a New York Times story that in the capital city of Iran there are 300,000 prostitutes in brothels called ‘Chastity Houses’. Pundits use terminology to reinforce their position. In the case of Iran, which puts on the face of purity, the ‘chastity house’ name is intended to exonerate them.
Similarly, Wall Street Economists use phrasing to support their positions. An economy moving sideways is making ‘lateral progress’. Job reductions are not bad for the people who lost their jobs, but analysts state that the reductions will produce higher profits. When the Commerce Department’s second quarter data showed corporatepretax earnings down $13.4 billion, the data was described as an aberration, keeping all the positive news as justifiers of the concept that the economy is improving. Author Abelson’s wrap? “...if it’s okay to call a brothel a chastity house, it’s certainly okay to call what we have a real recovery.”
September 2, 2002, p. 6