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Universal Electric Vehicle Builds Sporty Prototype for  EV Niche Market
Universal Electric Vehicle Corp, a new electric vehicle company,
Adobe Photoshop ImageThe two-seater Electrum Spyder is being charged.  The Spyder charges on a standard home outlet of 110 Volt, or 220Volts, the Avcon Claw (standard charger at charging stations or places of business) or by using home solar power sources.
of Thousand Oaks, California has recently begun showing its luxurious Electrum Spyder, a sporty electric vehicle.  The editors of Batteries Digest visited the Company’s founders, Greg and Diana Lane,  in May  at the Thousand Oaks’ Earth Day Celebration.

The Electrum Spyder definitely has style.  It has a sleek design and a  removable hard top.  It can travel up 80 miles per hour, so it could keep up with traffic on the California  freeways.  

The Electrum Spyder would have a range of 70 to 80 miles if equipped with  Lead-acid batteries.    Although  Lead-acid batteries would  most likely be the least  expensive batteries, Greg and Diana are open to other technologies, such as Lithium-ion.  The Lane’s are interested to  exploring the more advanced battery technologies because there is a potential for greater range and performance.  
Adobe Photoshop ImageDiana Lane (left) is explaining to Shirley Georgi, BD editor, (right) that there are still wonderful opportunites in California for unique electric vehicles.  Such cities as San Francisco, San Luis Obispo and Vacavill already have infrastructure for electric autos.  
Perhaps an advanced battery manufacturer would like to utilize the Spyder as a test platform?.

Another model designed by UEV is  the Com V-3.  This  two-passenger vehicle has three wheels.  UEV has designed this vehicle for commuters. The design has integrated a workspace for computers and included an AC outlet.  An unique option is a wheelchair caddy.

As their  business plan progresses, the Lanes hope to have their first production run for the Electrum Spyder next year. Although pricing could change, the projected price tag is $35,000.  The vehicles are scheduled to be manufactured in Ventura County, California.        

For more information, contact U.E.V at 805-492-7701 or email:   
Adobe Photoshop ImageCurtis Bennet (center) has been working with Greg Lane (left) and Diana Lane in defining the specifications to create a vehicle with an option that can accommodate wheelchairs.