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Photovoltaics/Amorphous 060630
(July 2003) Nanosys, Inc. sets goal to commercialize nanocomposite solar cell technology. The Company has signed exclusive licensing agreements for world-wide rights to intellectual properties covering the materials and technologies of nanocomposite solar cells developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Columbia University. Since high costs of traditional inorganic semiconductor solar cells make solar energy substantially more expensive, Nanosys believes that the nanocomposite solar cell technology  can offer high efficiency, low cost and conformal solar cells modules that can easily be integrated into any location where energy is desired. By incorporating inorganic semiconductor nanomaterials into a flexible hot-matrix and using roll-to-roll processing to fabricate the final solar cell, nanocomposite solar technology marries the high efficiency of inorganic semiconductor crystals with the processability of plastics.