Batteries/Rechargeable 040408

 (May 2004) Portable Battery-Powered Pocket Refrigerator for Insulin
A pocket sized cooling chamber for maintaining diabetic insulin in a cool state while traveling has been produced by Olaf Diegel, of Massey University, New Zeland. The rechargeable video-cam type battery operates the ‘TravelMate’ for between 4-12 hours. Cooling is performed by a 5 W solid state Peltier device.
NASA Tech Briefs, April 2004, p. 20
Adobe Photoshop ImageAs Japan’s world market as a rechargeable battery maker declines, South Korea is looking to gain share.  Holding 9.7% of the market in 2002, the country hopes to have a 30% share by 2005 and a 40% share by 2010. (Information from  “Korea to Beat Japan in Batteries by 2910” by Kim Sung-jin, The Korea Times, 12/17/03. +