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Miscellaneous/Business 040517
 (February 2007)      Can alternative energy spur job growth?
From USA Today, December 23, 2006, by Brian Tumulty, Gannett News Service

Examples of affected windmill component producers include Tower Tech, a Wisconsin startup which builds steel towers for windmills. Currently producing 2 towers a week with 94 employees, the company believes it could sell 1000 towers. Suzion Rotor Corp. a subsidiary of Suzion Energy of India, employs 235 U. S. people and expects to add 40  more by late summer.

Rep Jay Inslee introduced 300 billion dollar legislation dubbed the ‘New Apollo Energy Project’ to develop clean energy industries which would create 3.3 million new jobs and reduce the need for imported oil.
Microsoft Excel Chart (April 2004) The 2003 figure represents 2.3% of the total $18.2 billion in venture capital investment in the U.S. last year.

Worldwide, energy technology venture capital funding totaled $526 million in 2003.  There were 84 deals completed last year with average funding at $6.26 million each. Categories declining included  distributed generation and   storage, down more than 31 percent last year (2003) from the previous year (2002).  (Data compiled for this study was an analysis by Nth Power, in collaboration with Clean Edge, Inc. The Cleantech Venture Network and the PWC/TVE/NVCA Money Tree Survey.) +