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Indium Corporation
 Cadex Electronics Inc.
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Programmable battery analyzer services 36V packs
The Cadex C7400ER is the most powerful battery analyzer in its series. Each of the four stations can be programmed to charge and discharge at 6A, adjustable in 25mA increments. The analyzer accommodates nickel, lead and lithium-based batteries with voltages from 1.2-36V (28.8 for nickel-based). Batteries interface with custom and universal SnapLock™ adapters that automatically configure the analyzer to the correct settings. The optional BatteryShop™ software transfers operation to a PC and allows 120 analyzers fully extended. +

 Indium Corporation
Supplier of Indium materials to the worlds of Batteries Fuel  cells and PhotovoltaicsMicrografx Picture Publisher 6.0 Image
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