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 The purpose of Batteries Digest is to expand Insights into batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics to improve health, environment and the economy. No reprinting, reuse, copying, publishing or other reproduction other than making a single hard copy for personal use of any material contained herein is permitted. Where material indicates use by permission of, or otherwise explicitly or implicitly denotes that copyright is held by others, no permission to use that material can be granted by other than the copyright holder.

Content of this website and the Newsletter is created by the Editors of Batteries Digest for the purpose of offering alternative views and to bring additional understanding of the business of batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics.  The interaction of all three electrochemical power sources is intended to assist planners in developing strategy and planning cooperative or competitive actions. It is also to provide the general public with information which will increase their understanding of these subjects.

Where business excesses, unsafe practices, illegal operations, immoral and misleading information exists, it is the responsibility of BD to bring such to the attention of the public. To meet this goal, responsible, accurate and verifiable information from the public is encouraged to promote responsibility, respectability, safety, honor, dignity and quality of life.

In the creation of this material, it is inevitable that errors will occur, but are never done intentionally. The policy of Batteries Digest, when alerted to errors with validated sources, is to publish correctioins to the material. Corrections are limited to factual materials and do not apply to opinions.
The intention of this publication is to present factual news, but unfortunatly it is done by humans with shortcomings which include the interpretations with bias, often referred to as editorialization. Where editorialization is easily recognized, the attempt is made to identify it as such. Much material by commission and omission is presented with an attempt to promote clean air in the U.S.A., honest business in the U.S.A. and honest, open government in the U.S.A. The reader is expected to make his/her own interpretations with this and other information.
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