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Batteries/Monitoring 050602
99% Accurate Gas Gauge
 Texas Instruments has an ad running in many magazines describing a single chip IC which uses a dynamic learning algorithm to give state of charge information based on real time learning.
 Pair of gas gauges evolve to LiPolymer battery cells.

New chips from Microchip and Intersil are targeting the two to four cell arrangement of Lithium-ion and Lithium-ion polymer batteries because the interest in the flexibility of the polymer version is increasing.

The Microchip IC has a cell balancing feature and shares technology with PowerSmart although it includes proprietary technology and can be embedded into a battery pack. The fuel gauge can be configured for custom applications and then reconfigured for production applications.

The Intersil device uses a MOSFET instead of a diode to improve light load efficiency and prevent system bus boosting. Accuracy is 0.5% over the temperature range and the Voltage can be adjusted by 5% from a nominal 4.2 Volts. A conditioning charge current is available to safely charge deeply discharged cells below 3.0 Volts.

PORTABLE DESIGN, June 2004, pp. 43-44
 (June 2004) Tyco Electronics Power Systems licenses  Midtronics’ battery conductance-monitoring technology to develop a telecom battery monitoring system for telecom service providers.   The battery monitoring system will be integrated into Tyco Electronic’s GALAXY power monitoring system. With the new combined system, users will be able to view conductance values on-demand or  in user-defined intervals from anywhere with web access.  Sabi Varma, Vice President -Marketing and Business Operations of Tyco, said, “...this will become the most broadly deployed battery monitoring solution in any stationary power market.”