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 Financing will power Elk River battery firm to 06
Cymbet Corp, a startup focusing on the development and production of microbatteries which will be included in integrated circuit packages to power the device through its life, was awarded $16.5 million in a second round of private financing. The technology is a thin-film process licensed from the federal government and could find application in medical devices, cell phones and sensors.
StarTribune, December 21, 2004, pp, D1-D2
 Novel Battery Could Power Microdevices
Materials Researchers at UCLA are investigating a battery which will consist of rods which are one micrometer in size (no mention of length or diameter). A three dimensional array of the rods are intended to provide sufficient energy to power MEMS applications. With small interelectrode distances, the internal resistance is intended to be small and lead to higher energy density and longer life. A 5 mm battery is being designed using silicon chips as molds into which the battery components will be placed. The mold is then etched away. No mention is made of encasement structure. The projection is to have these designs marketed within five years.
R & D Digest, July 31, 2004
Originally published in MDDI, Mar 2003

(October,03) Batteries Power Micro Gastrointestinal Investigator