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Batteries/Mercury Content 050805

 Microsoft Excel ChartWang-Jung-chang, ruling Democratic Progressive Party Legislator-at Large in Taiwan, said in a press conference (04/14/2005) that batteries sold in  Taiwan originating from   SW Asia  and China have   dangerously higher levels of mercury than Taiwan’s allowed level of  5ppm maximum. He said many of these batteries are illegally smuggled into the country. (He quoted research data, seen in the above chart,   conducted by Yuan Ze University’s Center of Environmental Sciences.)  He said about 74% of batteries sold in Taiwan are from SE Asia or China. Only about 15% of the batteries in Taiwan are recycled and the remainder end up in incinerators or  landfills.  He called on the Cabinet-level Environmental Protection Administration to conduct  a nationwide census on batteries.  

He also noted that U.S. and Japanese-made batteries have average mercury content of  only 0.13 ppm. +