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Miscellaneous/Communication 050805
 Wireless Control That Simply Works
If you havenít yet succumbed to the variety of wireless RF protocols, such as CDMA, GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wimax or any of there variations, now is the time to add one more wireless acronym because it will be a platform for a lot of portable power demand.

 Its name is ZigBee and although it will be a relatively slow, it will be a highly reliable link for data communications and control. The medium could be applied to centralize automation temperature data throughout a process, control secure access through doorways, or have detailed real-time patient data throughout a hospital ward.

Zigbee is serious stuff because there is an IEEE Standard 802.15.4 dedicated to it. There will be 16 channels in the 2.4 GHz band, 10 at 915 MHz and one at 868 MHz. The lower frequencies will use direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) while the 2.4 range will use offset-quadrature phase shift keying (O-QPSK.) (Ed. note: Now that you know this, you are armed with the potential to be the biggest bore at the next cocktail party...beware!)
Zigbee Special Report, A Supplement to Electronic Design