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Photovoltaics/Concentrate 051108
 Juice From Solar Concentrate
Thinking outside the box, this project goal is to produce solar panels which are  less expensive than current flat plate arrays with cheap concentration modules. The modules shaped like pyramids have a postage-stamp-size gallium arsenide PV chip with 30 % efficiency at the apex. Strings of the pyramids hang on windows giving the appearance of modernistic venetian blinds. Holding the pyramids are clear plastic tubes carrying water which conducts away heat used for heating and cooing systems within the building. The tubes also conduct electricity from the PV chips and position the pyramid for maximum solar absorption with computer  control. Since present systems cost a few dollars a Watt, observers indicate that the concentrator system will have to target $1/Watt to be a significant accomplishment.
IEEE Spectrum, October 2005, pp. 15-16