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Miscellaneous/Coal 060215
 (Feb 2006) The New Clean Fuel: Coal
American Electric Power Co.(AEP), which burns more coal than any other U.S. company, is planning to build 2 more coal plants on the Ohio River at a cost of $2.4 billion. The plants would be as clean as gas fired generators and could be upgraded to sequester CO2. Under  AEP Chairman and CEO Michael Morris, the company pledges to reduce emissions by 6% by 2010 by upgrading old plants, building clean coal plants and using wind power. They will spend another $ 3.5 billion to lower emissions of other pollutants such as sulfur dioxide.As demonstrated in Wisconsin, states are not warm to the ideas as they think the technology is untested and costs would increase. (Ed note: Adding clean and low cost electricity  could increase the use of battery power in personal or fleet charged electric vehicles.)
Business Week, Sept. 26, 2005, pp73-74