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Miscellaneous/Energy Equities 060311
Adobe Photoshop ImageENERGY EQUITIES is a compilation of information regarding companies which supply products, materials, or goods and services to batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics product fields. The information is presented with neither a recommendation to buy nor to sell the underlying securities of publicly traded  businesses. Readers should use it only as assist information to initiate further research into making personal determination of future performance and investment strategy. Those wanting to share verifyable information for inclusion regarding mentioned companies should forward the information, along with their complete name, organizational affiliation, address, and phone number to [email protected]. Please do not send news releases or advertising.

Companies are grouped by product field (i.e., batteries, fuel cells or photovoltaics), and their contribution to the field such as manufacturers, materials and component suppliers, users and alternates or competetors to the business.

           Batteries>  Manufacturers> Suppliers>  Users>  Alternates

          Fuel Cells>  Manufacturers> Suppliers>  Users>  Alternates

          Photovoltaics> Manufacturers> Suppliers>  Users>  Alternates               

     Good Hunting,
                              Donald Georgi, Energy Equities compiler
(May 2006) Exide
(April 2006) Oak Ridge Micro-Energy Inc. - OKME
Evergreen Solar Inc. (ESLR)