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2009 Battery Power Conference
Battery Power 2009
October 20-21, 2009
An international conference highlighting the latest developments and technologies in the battery industry.

What's New?

St. Andrews’ researchers in the U.K. develop technique to improve lifetime of lithium rechargeable batteries and reduce overheating problems.

* How will the recall shape the future of lithium-ion?

* Engine on a chip promises to best the battery

* The Cell phone, Perhaps the Ultimate Portable Communication Device?

* Nanobatteries – Away with Exploding Batteries

* World News

* Portals - Safer Lithium-ion and medical device recalls

* Meetings

* Battery-powered Asimo to be Highlighted Again at CES 2007. Honda's humanoid continues to 'evolve' with Nickel-metal hydride for food. What can he do, and what will he be doing. p. 2
* Humanoids - A Future Technical Domain for consumer electronics. From the DOD to the home, humanioid personal assistants (HPA) while still experimantal are bing positioned to serve. p. 3-6
* World News From Lithium-ion safety to business to PV efficiency. p. 6-7
* Hybrid Electric Vehicles. What are the expectations for the future? PP. 7-10
* An Alternative to Gasoline/Battery Hybrids? Is gas/battery the only answer? p. 10-12
* Global battery Growth Facts, Figures and forecasts Highlighting China. pp. 13-15
* Meetings. P. 16
* Is Lithium Ion Safe? by Isidor Buchmann.          
     pp. 2-4

* In Halting and Decreasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Legislation and Judiciary Decisions Could make a Difference.     pp. 4-8

* Toby's Canine column. p. 8

* Energy Equties... Energizer's Formula for Success.     pp.9-15

* Meetings.     p. 16
The September Issue cover story is a 6.5 page overview of the status of current photovoltaics and the revolutionary impact quantum dot materials may make on the future of this necessary, but limited technology.

A second story is the 3.5 page compilation of all the factors which have been involved with the Dell and Apple battery recalls.

Continuing BD's focus on related companies, a four page Energy Equities story covering the details of Ultralife Batteries is included.      
The cover shows a 'street ready' version of the Toyota Prius modified to function as a plug in hybrid with Saphion (R) Lithium-ion batteries by Valence Technology, Inc. The related 4.5 page Energy Equities story describes the current status of Valence Technologies.

A second 6.5 page story covers the Solar 2006 conference attended by BD's Editors and focuses on the global warming problem and sloutions.

Story three (3 pages) covers safety advancements for Lithium-ion batteries implemented by Quallion LLC. The status of related meetings is included.
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