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Constantan Foil, in 4 inch width and lengths from 1 to 1000 feet  can be ordered. Thickness is  0.0002 inches. Foil allows economical construction of sensors for research, test and experimentation to characterize and optomize designs to improve product safety.
 Cracklink electronics to sense and transmit fatigue crack length from crack gauges to computer ... (not yet available)
Crack Gauges are the insulated, constantan foil, high output  gauges bonded to specimens to provide high accuracy electrical analog voltages of the specimen crack length as it develops. These fracture mechanics standard gauges used for over 40 years, sense crack sizes from 5 to 200 mm resulting in safer designs in aviation, transportation, medicine, structures, basic materials and research .
Batteries Digest: the monthly newsletter summarizing activities in the businesses of batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics; focusing on factors to promote safety.
...Under construction...

Fracture Digest focuses on the importance of fracture mechanics in identifying crack propogation properties of materials resulting in design information to provide safer bridges, airplanes, road vehicles, ships.   ... (not yet available)
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