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Batteries/Lead-acid/Chemistry 070529
 (May 2007) Firefly Energy selects NorthStar Battery as first contract battery manufacturing partner for carbon-graphite foam batteries.  The contract has been executed to enable prototype and production support of Firefly’s “3D” battery technology to serve the U.S. Army.  

 Is Antimony Poisoning Still an Issue?
Antimony, added to the lead plates to facilitate casting, produces an ion migration resulting in a continuing reduction of end-of-charge Voltage of about 0.2 Volts. Test information shows the antimony poisoning to be reduced with  rubber separators, so using a combination of analytical steps, Daramic, LLC produced a new material which has the antimony retardation of rubber, while maintaining the other superior performance properties of polyethylene separators. The material produces a cell which has an end of charge current below that of a rubber separator and three times less than that of a nonactive separator.
The Battery Man, June 2005, pp. 28-31