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Advanced LMP Battery Technology for HEVís
Avestor has produced a 48 Volt, 70 Ah Lithium-metal polymer battery for use in hybrid autos. Price, cycle life, calendar life and safety information were not presented.(07-02BD76-12)
Battery Power Products & Technology
May 2002, p.1
Delphi develops a new Lithium-metal polymer battery. This battery has achieved specific power greater than 1400 Watts/kg and specific energy greater than 47 Watt-hours/kg. This battery technology delivers high power over a wide range of battery states of charge and temperatures. Operating temperature is from -400 to 700 Celsius. Delphi feels the battery will provide a solution for the hybrid vehicle. The superior charge and discharge efficiency will enable high rates of regenerative brake energy recovery without large power conversion losses. (06-02BD75-8)