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Batteries/Lithium-metal-polymer 070216
(January 2007)     Avestor, a Canadian company which developed Lithium-Metal-Polymer battery technology, discontinued operation in  November 2006.

 Upon shutting down its operations, the company issued this statement.  “Considerable sums were invested in developing a battery that could be marketed profitably to the telecommunications industry; nevertheless, the enterprise was not able to reach the break-even point.  Despite more than a year or active searching, Avestor failed to attract  new industrial and financial partners to replace its current investors.  Consequently, it is no longer able to continue operations.”  Avestor was privately held by Hydro-Quebec and Kerr-McGee.
 AVESTOR begins shipments to telecommunications companies in the United States. The 48 Volt Lithium-Metal-Polymer (LMP) battery has on-board intelligence which provides enhanced safeguards against hard shorts, overcharge, undercharging and other user errors common in field operations.  AVESTOR states that the battery will provide 10 years of service life over a wide range of temperatures (-40 to 650C). The LMP battery weighs one-fifth of traditional VRLA (valve regulated Lead-acid)  battery.
Advanced LMP Battery Technology for HEV’s

Avestor has produced a 48 Volt, 70 Ah Lithium-metal polymer battery for use in hybrid autos. Price, cycle life, calendar life and safety information were not presented.(07-02BD76-12)
Battery Power Products & Technology
May 2002, p.1
Delphi develops a new Lithium-metal polymer battery.

This battery has achieved specific power greater than 1400 Watts/kg and specific energy greater than 47 Watt-hours/kg. This battery technology delivers high power over a wide range of battery states of charge and temperatures. Operating temperature is from -400 to 700 Celsius. Delphi feels the battery will provide a solution for the hybrid vehicle. The superior charge and discharge efficiency will enable high rates of regenerative brake energy recovery without large power conversion losses. (06-02BD75-8)