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 The photo pictures an ASPEN Stage 3 Solar Power Station. Portable AC
and DC Solar Power Systems (PADS) are being used for military power
applications. The PADS Stage Three Power Systems is capable of providing
up to 1250 Watts of solar power - enough DC power to operate various
equipment requiring electricity, including the Aspen 5000M Water
Purification System currently being purchased by the Special Forces, for
one full day when using the solar panels during daylight hours. The PADS
System can also provide AC and/or DC to power lighting for tents, command
posts, recharge other battery systems, or even jump start vehicles. The
commercially flyable battery packs can be charged by solar, AC shore power
and from the military vehicle 24 Volt systems, ranging from Hummers to
Tanks. The PADS systems can also be networked to provide up to 5,000
Watts of power for larger energy demands. PADS would dramatically reduce
the amount of liquid fuel required to support field operations. (Photo is
courtesy of The Aspen Group.) +
The Dutch Army goes solar

The Dutch Defense Services have targets to achieve a 9% increase in energy efficiency and 50% consumption of renewable energy by 2004. Plans include putting PV panels on its buildings to set an example for the future. Contracts have been let to the Stroomwerk Company which uses Solarex PV systems made by BP Solar, USA.(10-02BD79-17)

Renewable Energy Infopoint
March 2002, p. 4