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(July 2003) Arotech Corporation’s subsidiary, Electric Fuel,  develops prototype Zinc-air battery for U.S., military and NASA.  Their battery powered a Dragon Eye unmanned drone for the first time in a flight test in California.  The UAV flight test was conducted as part of a demonstration program with partial funding from the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps and NASA.   The Company believes its Zinc-air battery has the potential to greatly extend the mission duration of its reconnaissance aircraft.
Duracell and IXI Mobile, a wireless technology company, form a partnership to pioneer the usage of primary batteries in Bluetooth devices. Duracell will provide Zinc-air batteries. Amit Haller, president and CEO off IXI Mobile said, “With this agreement, wireless devices can now be built at a lower cost and powered by batteries consumers can buy at their local store.” (03-02 BD72-10)
Electric Fuel commercializes their new INSTANT POWERTM batteries for digital cameras. The Company says that their new batteries replace AA-sized Alkaline batteries, and the new Zinc-air 3,300 mAh batteries are in direct competition with Alkaline batteries. “Instead of waiting for rechargeable AA batteries to complete a charging cycle or switching to non-rechargeable Alkaline batteries that will last as little as an hour because of the high current drain of digital cameras, users will be able to plug in an INSTANT POWER auxiliary battery and take up to 4,000 photos using the same power source,” states Electric Fuel’s news release of 01/08 (02-02 BD71-8)